Two Photographers and Videographer will work their best to produce today's demand of the current 3D Blue Ray Quality... Hollywood Production!!! With unlimited photography incorporating classy styles of traditional, contemporary & photojournalistic... Your choice of a Mosaic, Modern Or Contemporary 40 page 12" by 12" album... 2 Mother's Albums, 20 (5" by 7 ") prints of each selection..... Choice of 4" by 6" proofs or high resolution CD of all event images.... Choice between one 20" by 24" Canvas or two 12" by 24" Panoramic Composites, or 6 Appreciation Portfolios. PROFESSIONAL PRICE OF $4,822 WITH THIS PACKAGE. (No discounts or price promotions unless authorized by our producers... ) This is the going rate, respectably considering that we've been producing the best images with the state of the art technology, cameras, computer digital enhancements, and mentioned. For your beautiful elegance ~ the coloring can be adjusted to your personal and professional image... The models may also receive a personalized printout and portfolio including the designers or makeup artists & hair stylist... just pick and choose and the orders will be sent through our 5 million mega pixel printouts... Vogue Magazine Cover Print... These uploads are completed by Thunderbolt technology... computer graphics at its best... retouches of certain areas take between 3 to 5 hours for each picture due to the professionalism of the graphic digital artists... please refer to our Oprah Winfrey Network Production for our photo images and for details with our newly released movies... if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly @ 3128232359...

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(Package 2) Glamorize your Gorgeous Beauty...

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